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A new way to build a whole new world!

With project PesAlkebulan, we invest together to build together, earn together to prosper as one strong family.

Pes Alkebulan is a building network, an project design through an architectural concept made to engage average citizens to join forces and promote real estate project programs. By analyzing the real estate market of a given geographical area.  In Enugu State of Nigeria for example, housing delivery has become a global issue. The millennium development goal identified housing as a basic human need and proposed shelter for all by 2030. There in Nigeria, the rate of rapid urbanization, rural-urban migration, and haphazard development of houses in some Nigerian cities have resulted in the associated blight, squalor, and slum conditions, occasioned by high occupancy ratio and congestion and these have been the bane of urban housing delivery, especially in Enugu. Making it a clear target for real estate development.

As the capital city of Enugu state, the City of Enugu has many educational, industrial, and governmental establishments. The city enjoys an urban growth rate of 3.5% and a current urban population of about a million-plus residents. As a result, Enugu faces high housing needs that require a sustainable approach.

This paper focuses on real estate maintenance as a sustainable option for the improvement of housing estates in the city, using Trans-Ekulu housing estate as a case study. 10% of the housing stock in each street of the estate was studied.

A total of 150 household heads of the randomly selected houses were the respondents. Among other things; the study revealed that approximately 53% of the total housing stock in the estate was dilapidated due to gross lack of maintenance as measured by the presence of rusted and leaking roofs, cracked walls and weak foundation, broken doors, and windows, unpainted or deteriorated paints, deteriorated housing facilities and nonavailability of some facilities and landscape elements.

Policy review and integrated action and co-operation among relevant professionals involved in the planning, development, and management of housing estates in Enugu as well as public participation among others were recommended.

Therefore, as housing demands are on the rise in Enugu, as well as other developing states in the country where our agents are present, we negotiate with the local government as well as the office of the minister for land and housing to secure land in a government development approved zone.

And thereby we conduct full real estate development studies in our architecture and engineering studio to produce a masterplan containing hundreds of housing units, street infrastructures, service centers, malls, infants schools, recreation areas, sports centers, car parks, and so on..., our studies carried out a whole range of metric calculations to determine and capitalize all the requirements for a sustainable real estate development in Enugu State.

We are calling on you to join PesArch Studio to make the dream of "PesAlkebulan" become a reality.

To make "PesAlkebulan City" possible, in a state where sustainable estate development is in high demand. Where thousands of thriving families, workers, civil servants, entrepreneurs, artists, political office holders, public servants, private, craftsmen, and so on are looking for convenient, affordable, and functional houses. And there are only a handful of good architects and a few standard architectural firms in the geo-political zone and they do not possess the unique and careful approach we are offering.

Lack of local planned standard edifices is a common complaint from international tourists and visitors. Indigenous communities are looking for standard houses to live in through rent or outright purchase. According to the vice president of Nigeria, Yemi Osibajo a couple of years ago, Nigeria’s housing deficit is about 20,000,000 housing units. This will have jumped up with the double-digit population growth rate.

We are convinced that there is a great real estate opportunity in the state and country as a whole and to be part of the development is our motive.  We recently launched a brand new studio (PesArch studio) equipped with high-quality technical instruments, both manual and digital provided with recent building and graphic programs needed for a precise site inspection, the study of the exposition towards the sun rays, and resistance against the wind and humidity during the rainy season. We are also affiliated with at least a few important architectural firms in Europe with exceptional expertise and advanced computer programs needed to study large building complexes and our founder Pomanti Enweh Solomon is an expert in those computer programs. 


Master Plan PesAlkebulan


Our building strategies and technology are sustainable. We mostly rely on the use of locally made materials (zero Km) to avoid the high cost and at the same time, deliver higher qualities that are comparable to global standards of living.

This will be achieved by making sure that the environment is respected while exploring green and renewable energy. We will make it a priority to provide permeable spaces and our designs will grant our clients abundant natural light, enough cubic air, and a high experience of luxury to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as create functional surroundings.

This concept also applies to other ancillary services that we provide to support and promote businesses and organizations to increase productivity, aesthetics, and satisfaction of our clients and the Publics. 

“If great principles, great ideals know no nationality.” 

Therefore, "Being satisfied with luxuries or being satisfied with the less we have, without having the need to pursue collective development will not help us to achieve human progress and will not signify our fitness as a people to exist alongside others, but with the support of our own initiative, however, by the time we decide to build industries, governments, and ultimately services complexes, and then we will have proves to our self as men that we are fit to survive and capable of shaping our own destiny.”

Show us that it can happen!

If we can build a functional and sustainable city for people who have non, then we have automatically created services, jobs, dignity, and responsibility for the same people and that will enable them to pay us back and live a healthy life as well as the reason to make the world a better place, instead of watching them dwelling in a painful misery. 

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