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Rosciano Castle


We are pro to a commitment to the conservation and enhancement of the historical and artistic heritage, in the field of excavations and restoration which is a technical operation intended to reintegrate the compromised or deteriorated details of a work of art or objects considered artistic or valuable or to ensure the conservation: the restoration of a fresco, a building, a table, a manuscript and as we all know, the intervention carried out on the very object is subjected to restoration.

Rosciano Castle

Is located on the Rosciano hill, province of Pescara (PE), 26 km from the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The Rosciano Castle also known as Palazzo De Felice is located on the north bank of the Pescara river in the center of Rosciano. The oldest structure of the building is constituted by the quadrangular tower, around which the town has developed with an annular trend.

The tower, presumably dating back to the thirteenth century, was supposed to have had a sighting and defense function. In the following centuries, the tower underwent renovations and modifications, in particular when it was annexed to the Di Felice di Casale palace.


The medieval origin of the tower is testified by the two ogival single-lancet windows present in its masonry.

The tower flanks the rectangular plan structure of the building, built on two floors, incorporating the tower itself. The palace is currently in ruins, with renovations being started.

Slide view some other minor restoration works

Modern House

Two newly refurbished doublets

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