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Urban Planning

Urbanization and rural development

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We specialize in the construction and maintenance of large infrastructural works, urban planning, engineering challenges ranging from viaducts to tunnels..

Urbanization and rural development

The need to adopt an overall vision

One of the issues on which the debate of the international community has been most focused in these recent years is that relating to urban development and the dynamics of urbanization which, for the first time, will lead the urban population to overtake the rural population on a global level.
The livability of urban spaces, destined to assume ever greater proportions, with a growing population density and complex living conditions and to anticipate the solution, it's imperative  to work together and rethink and adapt our urban areas with a sostainable infusion for a better tomorrow.
No village, town, city or any nation should be left aside.

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Akanu Ibiam




Enugu State Urban Area

Major Works

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Enugu Urban Map

Enugu is a state of the Nigerian federation; it borders to the north with  Kogi State and Benue State, to the south  Abia State, to the east Eboniy State and to the west  Anambra State. The capital Enugu is one of  the largest cities of the eastern Nigeria and the capital of the south eastern region. Another important city in Enugu State also known as “The caol city” is Nsukka.  And here we highlighted the urban area

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Nike Community

Nike Community, in Enugu East, Enugu State Nigeria has borders with Nsukka, Ebonyi and Enugu North and is one of the state's largest zones, featuring several tourist sites and commercial areas, including Nikelake Hotels. The community is under the monarchical leadership of HRM, IGWE. NNAJI. The region comprises 24 villages. They are subject to the authority of Enugu East of Enugu state, Nigeria.

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