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Team Italy

Why Us?

In Italy, we have a composed team of highly qualified professionals very much interested and passionate about African development which some of them have directly or indirectly worked for the African interest and few have also worked as a civil contractor in different parts of the continent and are indeed ready to collaborate and share their distinct expertise and upgraded work instruments with our company at any given time. 

Our new studio offers a unique combination of advantages that is unmatched by our closest competitors. Compared to the others, we offer distinct services that draw both the local and international clientele.

We differentiate ourselves by offering innovative design options (we are the only studio of that kind in the area). We look forward to thriving and providing world-class designs (especially for green, renewable and sustainability), healthier environment (especially compared to what the local builders have to offer) and we give stronger focus on locally made and sustainable building materials (zero Km).

 Our design focus is "less is more" for private buildings and we apply both local and imported building materials if needed (of which we have distinct international contacts). We thoroughly study our client’s property and work accordingly.


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