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If November is the month i first leave Africa for Europe, that's just because the memories are still very much alive and well in me. It was hot, sunny and the breeze was lighter in Africa when we departed off the mother land from Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos (Nigeria)..., everything was different! After hours on air which was surprising for me because i was starting to get nervous for such an unending journey.

I heard the passenger address system voice announcing our close arrival toward the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and that got me curious. Luckily i was near the window and seeing others opened their side windows on the air plane, gave me the confidence to do so too.

Viewing Paris on top was astonishing beautiful, sparkling golden lights covered everywhere, and all my focus was giving to Tour Eiffel. Had never seen anything like that! And never had i had anybody talk about anything like that before from where I come from. Our flight was smooth and Air France service was nice. After all the food and drink services which i ate all, i did asked for a Fanta and received just that.

The flight attendants were all kind for me and some of the hostesses were interested to know if i had somebody who will be attending my arrival. Yes i do, thank you! Was the only phrase i used to answer all of them. After few day in France, i leave France for Italy, landing for the first time in Bologna Airport also known as Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi. And that's where my journey began!

I stayed in Ponte Ronca in Bologna for some months and moved to the central Italy Abruzzo in the following year, where i started attending high school in "Liceo Classico Melchiorre Delfico" Teramo. Three week after, i was transferred to school of geometry "ITG Carlo Forti" Teramo.

Because i was unable to follow to up the excessive theory subjects practice due to my poor understanding of the Italian language at the time and needed a practical school and that made me to join my classmates at geometry a month after the school resumption. Five years later, i got my diploma from the school and applied for university entrance exam, passed it out and then fully joined the university courses.

Graduated on sixth November 2018 with masters in architecture, i got my application for the Italian national professional exam at the same November , where i had to study professional ethics and so on..., after i'd got my qualification i was eligible to join the architecture order and with my recognition i become an Architect, specializing in planners, landscape architects and conservators.

as soon as i started my part time work, i was able to make so many travels in Europe that took me from Italy to Barcelona in Spain as well as Vienna Austria, Germany and to Great Britain where i had different programs that toke me from City London University to Warwick Business School (MBA) and finally to the Said Business School in Oxford University. Thanks to "English for other language speakers" i obtained a certificate from University of Cambridge.

After 14 long years i travelled back to Nigeria where i was able to hug my siblings once again and together we'd decided joined hand to create a construction company better known as PesAch Construction Company Ltd which we received the certificate of incorporation from corporate affairs commission during my stay in Nigeria on November 2019.

Today, on our own little ways we are creating employments and celebrating November sixth to include all the good fortune as well as the second year that PesArch Company is in activity and also the upgrade of our Official website …, after surviving a long year (2020) lockdown for the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Join us and celebrate these milestones. In God we trust!

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