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Why PesArch?

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Our project is about connecting people, building unity as well as giving service to people and community. PesArch is an abbreviation for Pomanti Enweh Solomon Architect. "PesArch Construction Company Ltd" started as a childhood dream having the need to build a comfortable home that will sustain and give shelter to his family which has always been a thing of survival having to share a small space together in the neighborhood in Ogwuago, Abakpa Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria.

It all started from building mud houses and cages for domestic animals to help secure his mother’s poultry and to house his adorable dog which couldn’t find a space to sleep in-door for lack of space.

In the neighborhood, he started constructing cages in exchange for money.

Before traveling to Europe to further his studies in building, PesArch has already been known for his skills in building cages with dumpsters to separate the poultry from their droppings.

He Studied in Housing Estate Primary School ending in Community Primary School, Amoji Nike before going to Commercial High School at Ugbene, Abakpa Nike for his secondary studies. During the years of high schooling, PesArch gained recognition in Fine Art where he sometimes got paid by senior students to do their drawing in “fine art” class assignments.

He then went on to win competitions conducted by the school called “Torture” where he came out as the best Art student at that time.

In Europe, he gained admission into the school of geometric studies (Istituto Tecnico per Geometra), in Teramo Italy, receiving his Diploma from “Albo-Collegio Geometry”. After five years of practice in building and construction, he went ahead to study and receive a higher degree from one of the best Architecture Universities in Central Italy (Università Degli Studi di G. D'Annunzio - Chieti Pescara).

His university years were characterized by his strong passion for digital techniques of representation, always looking for new formal and productive solutions. In parallel with his university studies, he enriched his cultural background by studying and constantly putting into practice new techniques of representation.

After graduation, thanks to his personal skill, he gained the chance to pass out the “Habilitation exam” or Italian National Exam for Professional Architect and secured himself a seat in the highest architectural order (Ordine degli Architetti PPC della Provincia di Teramo) and which enabled him to fully practice his profession as a freelance Architect in all the 21 regions and provinces of Italy with the standard to live and exercise his career in all European countries.

His academic career culminated in the achievement of honors of the Master's Degree in Architecture and one year after his graduation, he took the Italian national exam for profetionals that got him qualified to practice the profession of architecture.

From 2020, he has been a collaborator and moderator of the Studio Rasetti (Arch. Demetrio Rasetti) / Studio G. Colangelo (Eng. Giuseppe Colangelo) both in Teramo.

This recent collaboration had borne fruits in numerous projects like the renovation of degrading houses and rehabilitation of existing condominiums both within and outside the province.

We use BIM (Building Information Modeling) to make sure that the project we work on is classified “A plus” to certify the finest and livable temperature in the house during the cold winter or in the hot summer without energy dispersions, isolating the household from harsh external temperature.

Till date, PesArch has collaborated with distinct researchers to study both micro and macro urban areas as well as different building capacities.

On 2019 PesArch traveled from Italy to visit his hometown in the Enugu State of Nigeria for the first time after 15 years, where he decided to team up with his younger siblings and few experts to startup a construction company known as "PesArch Construction Company Ltd.

During his time in Enugu, he spent months together with his siblings jumping through all the legal and regulatory hoops it takes to start up a company in the city. That happened in November 2019 and actually, start on January 1st, 2020 prior to the pandemic outbreak and eventual lockdown.

Soon after the lockdown we put back to work and todat we print from A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 up to the larger dimension press. We do house agency for renting, buying and selling of all types of building. We rent van and other equipments like professional photo cameras, video cameras and drones for video shooting and photography. We have plans to organize courses for 3D, 2D and BIM programs for students. We have already invested N70, 000, 000 in our studio. We spent several thousand naira on furniture and several appliances needed to support the activities as well as other bureaucratic mandatory bills.

We are working with government land and housing agents to acquire 30 hectares of land where our studio will work hand in hand with our European partner to study for a reasonable development of the area to make sure that the new micro city "PesAlkebulan" will be built with a well organized masterplan to grant all the primary and secondary needs, like viabilities and services to creat a funtional city to attract turism and investiment in the state.

We are still getting our business model and daily operations moving on and already turning in a small profit and having a great time. Our dream is to make "PesAlkebula" a reality and if YOU too can invest in our long term project we will all take part in the development of Africa as well as GROW together as a family.

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